The Best Dragon City Hack Available !

If you have ever searched for Dragon City Cheats , you have most likely stumbled upon many websites. We are very different from these other websites, as our hack tools are much easier to use than any others. This is because our hack tools don’t require you to own a modified device, so you can easily use our hack tool without having to jailbreak or root your mobile device, which can be disastrous if done incorrectly.

Why Use a Hack Tool?

There is a huge lack of resources within the game which can easily be collected; this makes it hard for players to progress and advance within the game, unless they are willing to spend real money on in-game currency. This is where we come in; our 100% free hack tool allows you to get a tonne of in-game currency, without having to spend a single dollar. It is that simple. All you have to do is input your Dragon City username into our hack tool, select how much gems and gold you want, and the rest of the work is handled by our servers.

We use the latest proxy network technology to minimize the risk of you getting banned. It can still occur, but our dedicated developers always ensure that we are one step ahead of the game developers, so it is very rare that you will get banned.

Why Is This Tool Good For You ?

We offer gems, gold and food with our hack tool. This allows you to breed your dragons much quicker, and hence you become a better player. This helps ensure that you win more battles, and you’ll become a professional in no time. We also hate the way that many developers make their games “pay to win” – so we are here to solve that.

Another way to think about it, is the fact that many Dragon City players have already used a hack tool or another exploit. This makes the game harder for you, as no matter how good you are – you’re not going to win a battle with a player who has hacked. In order to beat them, you will need to hack as well. Our hack tool makes it incredibly easy for you to hack, allowing you to enjoy the fun parts of Dragon City, such as breeding your dragons, and fighting battles – rather than wasting time collecting resources, as we all know – this isn’t fun.

Dragon City is one of the latest mobile games, and has taken the world by storm. If you want to have fun playing it, you need resources – which are very rare within the actual game. Use a hack tool to solve this problem, our Dragon City Hack is incredibly easy to use, and takes very little time. More often than not, you’ll have your resources in your account within minutes – making it very quick.


You can also run a legit Dragon City account on your tablet device, so that you can progress genuinely at home, and run a hacked client on your mobile device. So when you’re out and about, such as on your daily commute to work – you can have fun playing Dragon City, without having to worry about resources. We believe that playing games legit is incredibly rewarding, and we love doing this too – therefore running two accounts is the best way.

Running a hacked account also allows you to test certain dragons and breeding methods, to find out the best way to proceed on your main account. This allows you to gain an advantage over many players, and you will make much less mistakes on your main account, making your statistics look much better than other players.

How Do I Use This Tool ?

To use our mobile hack, all you need to do is input your username. It really is that simple, after that – simply enter the amount of gems, gold and food you want for your account, and click the button. Our servers will handle the complicated bit, and within a few minutes – you should have your resources within your account. You can choose how many resources you want, so you can give yourself a huge advantage, or just a small boost – allowing you to advance your in-game character as much as you want.